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Club Merger

 We are pleased to announce that South Tacoma Soccer Club and Tacoma United will be merging to form one club.

 In order to effectively serve the youth soccer players in the South Tacoma area, STSC President, Joe Knittel and the board of directors, worked to achieve a bond with Tony Echaniz, President of Tacoma United. He and his board of directors hope that the newer, much larger, club can build a place for all soccer players to develop their skills. Both clubs want to offer the most to young soccer players in the area and feel that this will benefit both clubs greatly.

  STSC is Tacoma’s oldest youth soccer club, and has served Tacoma since 1954. It has had many successes this past season and is looking to grow and expand its membership. Tacoma United, is a club that serves a large portion of the Latino community. It has many successful teams including this year’s boys U-15 National Champions, Chelsea Academy. Both feel that working together is the best way to build a strong sustainable club.

 “We don’t want to compete with our allies”, says Knittel. STSC and Tacoma United share the boundaries and players have to make a choice. Since STSC generally offers more recreational competition, it serves as a developmental program. Meanwhile many players with advanced skill end up outgrowing the developmental stages and want to move to more competitive play. Tacoma United has many skill levels and many competitive teams that already exist. With both clubs working as one, the developmental players can have a chance to play and improve, but also move to a higher level, without moving neighborhoods.

 Both clubs are run by committed parent volunteers, skilled coaches, and referees. Echaniz believes that this is the only way that all kids South Tacoma can play at their level and in the area they live in.

Our Mission
It is the mission of South Tacoma United Soccer Club to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the youth in South Tacoma through the sport of soccer at all levels of play and competition.
Player Age Chart 2014
U-07: 08/01/07 - 07/31/08
U-08: 08/01/06 - 07/31/07
U-09: 08/01/05 - 07/31/06
U-10: 08/01/04 - 07/31/05
U-11: 08/01/03 - 07/31/04
U-12: 08/01/02 - 07/31/03
U-13: 08/01/01 - 07/31/02
U-14: 08/01/00 - 07/31/01
U-15: 08/01/99 - 07/31/00
U-16: 08/01/98 - 07/31/99
U-17: 08/01/97 - 07/31/98
U-18: 08/01/96 - 07/31/97
U-19: 08/01/95 - 07/31/96